Magic Jigsaw Puzzle: your jigsaw puzzle app always with you

Magic Jigsaw Puzzle is an app for Android to play jigsaw puzzles. With Magic Jigsaw puzzle never a dull moment because every jigsaw puzzle is unique. Set the number of pieces, from 4 to 100, choose the picture: you can choose one among the available images belonging to a wide range of categories from the fascinating greek island to the amazing mountain landscapes or the cute and sweet animals, or you can upload a picture of yours. Why not play jigsaw puzzle with a picture of your dog or cat or with that wonderful holidays that you are still dreaming?

Then let’s start playing, and you can pause the game whenever you want. Once you finish a jigsaw scores will be added on the basis of the number of pieces you have chosen, the more you play the higher  you will arrive!

The available images are still growing, every week new images, come and try it!

Magic Jigsaw Puzzle has a free version with ads banners and a payment version without advertising.  In order to improve this enjoyable app is to increase the number of available pictures inside the app. Then, another possibility could be unlock more categories of images for those who have a high number of scores. We are waiting for the ios version and for now we can download this app and try it: you will really enjoy your time spent playing with Magic JigSaw Puzzle.

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Magic Puzzle App: disponibile su android

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