Properties and uses of eucalyptus essential oil

Today we will see properties and uses of eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus is an evergreen plant that can be found in regions with a Mediterranean climate. From this plant the eucalyptus essential oil is obtained wih a fresh and balsamic aroma. For ...

Bergamot essential oil: against anxiety, stress and confusion

The bergamot is a fruit that gives an incredible essential oil rich in properties. Are you searching for an essential oil against stress, anxiety? The bergamot essential oil is for you. The energy of the bergamot essential oil can help in ...

Lavender essential oil against anxiety

NaturalSis not just herbal teas or nutrition, but  also essential oils. Essential oils can treat with their wonderful aroma disorders like stress, anxiety, depression as well as boby problems like cellulite, high cholesterol or cough. Today we will speak about lavender essential ...