Magic Jigsaw Puzzle: the app for Android becomes also Sudoku

Everybody knows Sudoku, but have you ever played Sudoku jigsaw puzzle? With Magic Jigsaw Puzzle, the free app for Android, it is now possible.


Not just colorful and enjoyable jigsaw puzzles that cover a wide range of pictures, from incredible landscapes to cute animals or jigsaw puzzles created from images of yours, the app Magic Jigsaw Puzzle adds new challenges! The rules are the same of Sudoku, the empty spaces have to be filled with numbers from 1 to 9, repetitions in the same row, column and region are not allowed, but the cards of numbers that should be inserted are scattered everywhere, like a jigsaw puzzle, and are cut with a true jigsaw puzzle shape that makes the game more funny!

Finally, the interface that is more intuitive and simple, more grids until the grid 14x14 and a user profile with the name and the scores won when a jigsaw puzzle has been completed are the other charatcteristics of this new version of the app.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzle is a free app for Android , but you can purchase alsp the premium version and remove completely the advertising banners. You can download the app here: Magic Puzzle su Google Play for smartphones and tablets.

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