Natural Remedies: your handbook of natural home remedies

The app Natural remedies is a handbook that collects the most common problems and diseases, such as headache, toothaches, sore throat, acne and many others and proposes the possible natural remedies like essential oils, herbal teas, mother tincture.

Nature offers incredible solutions to a lot of diseases that can happen in your daily life. It is difficult to find the right natural remedy for an illness and so we often prefer to go to chemist’s shop to buy medicines that sometimes have collateral effects. But the app Natural Remedies can help, you just have to open it and look for the problem and the proposed home remedies. The app is also enjoyable to read by flipping through the sections and learn about food or herbs. All the pages are fluent and intuitive and, in addition to the sections dedicated to diseases and remedies, there is also a section that collects the last results from science in the field of nutrition and health and one that describes a relaxing technique.

The app Natural Remedies is continuously updated and twice a week other remedies are added.

The app has still to grow, since the world of natural remedies is very wide, but the potential is noteworthy. Just a consideration: only the free version with ads banner is available, it could be great to have also a version without advertising banners against payment.

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Rimedi Naturali: i rimedi della nonna.

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