Japanese green tea Sencha

Sencha is a Japanese green tea. Why should we prefer Sencha to the other China green teas?

Tè verde sencha

Green tea is an important ingredient of a health diet. The strength of green tea is the presence of polyphenols, in particular the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is supposed to hinder a lot of processes of birth and growth of the cancer cells.

There are many kinds of green tea, and not all share the same properties. It seems that Japanese green teas have a huge quantity of poliphenols, more than China green tea, and are for this reason the healthiest. Among Japanese green teas we have matcha tea, gyokuro tea and sencha tea.

Sencha tea contains a a lot of polyphenols but it also not expensive, so sencha tea can be drunk every day. How to prepare sencha: water should not boil, because at too high tempeartures all the properties of green tea disappears. The best temperature is around 70°C. Then add the green tea leaves, a teaspoon of leaves each cup of water plus one. Then infuse for 9-10 minutes, strain and drink.

The infusion time of 10 minutes is the best to be sure to ectract all the poliphenols. Then, it is better to drink your cup of green tea within an hour from the preparation, in order to drink all the healthy substances.

Sencha contains caffeine, so prefer to drink sencha during the day and not in the evening. But, except this point, there aren't collateral effects, so drink until 4 cups of sencha every day in order to keep yourself health!


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