App Natural Remedies, the app for your healthy lifestyle and natural beauty

A little big world of wellbeing, health and natural beauty, this is app Natural Remedies. In one app more than 500 posts about natural remedies, herbal teas, essential oils or glycerin macerate such as ribes nigrum (black currant) in order to treat the most common diseases such as acne, insomnia, wrinkles, nausea, allergy or even anxiety. Moreover, app Natural Remedies has also sections dedicated to healthy recipes and healthy diet, yoga and tips to take care of our beauty with  natural cosmetics. You can also find green tips to prepare at home dishwasher detergent and softeners safe for our health and of the Planet.

What else to say, Natural Remedies is a useful app, free and intuitive that you really can't miss!

App Rimedi Naturali

And here a list of all the sections that you can find in app Natural Remedies, always updated with new contents:


In this section you can find preparations and uses of herbal teas, essential oils, glycerin macerate or mother tinctures to treat common diseases such as cold, cough, sore throat, headache, toothache but also acne, nausea, poor digestion, overweight and much more. In adition to this, we focus our attention also on butter and plant based oils to take care of our hair and skin, we will give recipes to prepare at home natural cosmetics such as face masks and creams, micellar water and soap! We will give also descriptions and information about the most common ingredients that you can find in cosmetics by reading the INCI.

Healthy eating is the basis for a healthy lifestyle and natural beauty. In the app you can find a wide range of healthy recipes for everyday, we'll report also the benefits and the properties of the ingredients. Mediterranean Diet, Asian cousine, Indian recipes, pasta, soups, tofu, vegetables and sweets.


Videos and descriptions of yoga exercises for beginners and advanced with these topics: yoga for the back, yoga for the flexibility but also yoga to calm your mind. There is also a section dedicated to pilates, useful to burn fat and reshape the body. Finally, you can have a control of your physical activity thanks to the functionality step counter


If you are passione about a healthy lifestyle don't miss the app Natural Remedies

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App Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies, the app for your healthy lifestyle and natural beauty

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