The properties of goji berries

In this article we will see the benefits and properties of the Goji berries. Goji berries are small fruits that grow in Asia, in particular in Tibet and China. Thanks to their incredible properties, also demonstrated by scientific studies, goji berries have became famous everywhere and now goji berries can be found in the dried form in all supermarkets and specialized shops.

Bacche di goji

It is important to consider this: it is better to prefer organic goji berries and to be sure that the goji berries that you have found are sun dried and not dried in the oven, in order to preserve all the properties and benefits. In fact, goji berries are rich in healthy sustances, such as a type of antioxidants that, according to a research performed in 2010 by University of Sydney, should be able to protect skin from the damages induced by sun radiation. 

But the properties of goji berries are not just these, goji berries contain indeed a huge quantity of zinc and vitamin C, are helpful in order to decreases chlesterol, control sugar in blood and in addition to this goji berries have also substances like beta carotene and lutein very important for the health of eyes. Then, goji berries contain also polysaccharides able to boost the immune system and make it very active against damaged or diseased cells in case of cancer or degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer.

For this reason eating goji berries is a very healthy choice, try it in the breakfast yougurt, with a spoon of whole oat flakes and a spoon of chia seeds for a tasty but very healthy breakfast.

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