App Natural Remedies, the app for your healthy lifestyle and natural beauty

A little big world of wellbeing, health and natural beauty, this is app Natural Remedies. In one app more than 500 posts about natural remedies, herbal teas, essential oils or glycerin macerate such as ribes nigrum (black currant) in order ...

The properties of goji berries

In this article we will see the benefits and properties of the Goji berries. Goji berries are small fruits that grow in Asia, in particular in Tibet and China. Thanks to their incredible properties, also demonstrated by scientific studies, goji ...

SImple rules for a healthy breakfast

In this post I’ll speak about some simple rules in order to have a health and balanced breakfast. I’ll show you what you should prefer and what, on the contrary, you should avoid to stay lean and health. Breakfast, especially if ...

Ginger tea: in a cup a huge number of benefits

It’s very cold today… what about a cup of delicious ginger tea? I find this drink very tasty, aromatic and spicy, the best to warm the bones!  Ginger is a funny root that smells like lemon and ginger tea is really ...

Turmeric: the elixir for a long life

Today I would like to describe you an incredible spice. It is an ingredient of curry and, as for the shape, it is like ginger: I am speaking about turmeric also known as Indian saffron. The color of turmeric is yellow ...