SImple rules for a healthy breakfast

In this post I’ll speak about some simple rules in order to have a health and balanced breakfast. I’ll show you what you should prefer and what, on the contrary, you should avoid to stay lean and health.

Breakfast, especially if it’s a balanced breakfast, is a very important meal during the day and it should never be skipped, as a lot of scientific researches and articles claim. The risk is indeed that our body could get used to consume little energy and what remains becomes…fat.

A good breakfast instead provides energies for the day that is beginning. In addition to this it could become very useful to protect ourselves from a lot of illnesses such as diabetes as well as cancer.

But now the answer is: what should I prefer in a health but tasty breakfast?

First of all, a good choice is represented by some slices of brown bread and wholegrain cereals in a cup of soy yogurt. In fact, unlike refined products, whole grain flours and cereals are able to avoid the peak of glucose. This peak is connected to inflammations and cancers, as dr. David Servan-Schreiber writes in his book Anti-cancer. They are also slow release products and they provide us with energies for the day. For this reason, for your breakfast eat slices of brown bread with honey, maple syrup reach in vitamins of B group very important to prevent water retention, or with jam produced by using a little brown sugar. Then, as for whole grain cereals oat, farro or kamut cereals are excellent choices.

An interesting possibility for your breakfast is represented by soy yogurt: this yogurt is produced from vegetable milk and is completely devoid of animal fat, lactose and milk proteins whereas it contains vegetable proteins.

To our yogurt we can add soft fruits , especially raspberries, you can use also frozen soft fruits because they don’t lose their powerful antioxidants. Then, since we eat a vegetable yogurt the antioxidants benefits are not destroyed, the contrary happens instead for the animal source yogurt.

Then, we can add also to the yogurt different types of seed, such as seeds of sunflower and pumpkin, but what should be necessarily eaten is a spoon full of grinded linseeds. Linseeds are very important for our health and it is better to eat them grinded. You can grind them the day before but they should be placed in the fridge in a vacuum container (it is easy to find such a container, in general they have a pump that sucks air but don’t worry, it is simple to use it). If we add also chia seeds, reach in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help to low cholesterol, we have a wonderful mix of seeds.

And what about a tip of teaspoon of cinnamon in your yogurt? The taste is excellent and the spice can lower the level of glucose in blood, has a detox effect, helps in case of colitis but the most important thing is that cinnamon seems to play a role to prevent and treat the degenerative illness of Alzheimer. The study has been published in the journal Plos One thanks to the work of an Israeli team supervised by Prof. Michael Ovadia of the University of Tel Aviv.

Your breakfast can be completed by drinking a cup of Oolong tea or caffè d’orzo with a little soy or oat milk. Caffè d’orzo has the property to alkalize our body and doesn’t have caffeine.

As you can see, breakfast could be very healthy but also tasty! If you don't eat anything for breakfast this bad choice cannot help you to lose weight so dedicate a little time to your health and have an excellent breakfast!

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