Ginger tea: in a cup a huge number of benefits

It’s very cold today… what about a cup of delicious ginger tea? I find this drink very tasty, aromatic and spicy, the best to warm the bones!

 Ginger is a funny root that smells like lemon and ginger tea is really simple to prepare!

Recipe: take raw ginger, slice it thinly and peel the slices. Boil the water and put it in the cups. Add the slices of ginger, use more than one slice per cup, at least three. Wait for 20 minutes then remove the slices of ginger. If you want you can also add honey or sugar but in my opinion ginger tea is perfect as natural drink. Finally, you can also eat ginger slices used to prepare your cup of tea. It’s  really delicious!  

Ginger is very helpful in this period of time, in fact it is an interesting and tasty method to fortify our body against cough  and cold. Then, ginger tea is also used to treat various types of stomach problems and nausea.

In addition to this, recent studies argue that ginger would prevent cancer and that it’d be a powerful anti-inflammatory food. Ok, I think that it’s time for a cup of ginger tea!

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