Almond milk: preparation and benefits

I’ve just bought a new vegetable milk maker machine and now I have fun to produce all possible types of vegetable drinks.

Today I’d like to introduce to you the almond milk.



This is one of my favorite drink, but, since it costs too much in all supermarkets or natural shops, I’ve drunk it very little. Now I’m able to produce it by myself!


But let’s have a look at the recipe:

140 gr of raw almonds

1,2 l of water


Soak the almonds in water overnight or for at least 6 hours, then rinse them. In this way you’ll remove all the anti-nutrients and enzyme inhibitors.

Then, you just have to put all the ingredients in the milk maker machine and select the program “grinder”. I prefer to avoid heating almond milk in order to maintain the vitamins and nutrients.

If you want a creamier milk you can begin with another process of the grinder. Finally, you should strain the milk and put it in a bottle: do you smell the almond flavor? I think it’s really fantastic!

Beyond the wonderful taste, the almond milk brings a lot of benefits. This drink is rich indeed in vitamins, in particular B6 and E, and in minerals, like magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. Then it is an antioxidant drink and it helps to lower cholesterol.

Ok, almond milk is a tasty and healthy drink for every day.

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