Oat milk: benefits and recipe

This morning I made a new type of vegetable milk: oat milk.


For all people who are lactose intolerant like me oat milk is a delicious and tasty drink alternative to cow’s milk!


The recipe? It is very simple:

  • Take 70 gr of oat flakes, but you can use also oat groats
  • 1,2 l of water


I don't add any sugar or honey because  I like a lot the taste of natural oat milk.

I put the flakes and water in my milk maker machine and set the program that heats the milk until 70° and then grinds it. After a few minutes oat milk is ready! You can drink it cold or hot or you can use it to prepare delicious sweets, for example I like to add oat milk in my caffè d’orzo for breakfast!

It may happen that oat milk, like all kinds of milk obtained from cereals, could thicken but don’t worry, you just have to add some water and shake the bottle. Beyond that, by using the program that heats oat milk or when you decide to put in the machine more oat flakes the result is a thick milk: you can drink it or use it to prepare special dishes such as puddings or cakes.

But what makes oat milk so special is not only the sweet tasty or all the possibilities to use it: when I find something new for what concerns food I like surf the internet to search information about properties and benefits. As for oat milk, I found that it is a powerful drink against bad cholesterol and that it is rich in easily assimilable , fibers, vitamin E and folic acid! What can I say? Try it!

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